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We are dedicated to showing you the results your skin deserves. Come and enjoy one of our anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, permanent hair removal treatments and much more! We use result driven skin care products to keep your skin looking young and healthy! We happily serve clients in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas. Indy South Skin Care & Electrolysis uses the latest technology and treatment practices to ensure our clients will receive the most comfortable experience possible followed by amazing results.

Ashley is both a Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Electrologist in Indianapolis, IN. She attended The Aveda Fredric's Institute for her Esthetics training.  Ashley offers the very best in hair removal, beauty and comfort.

We also offer Free Consultations for Electrolysis to make our clients more comfortable.

Conveniently located on S Meridian St. Near Interstate 465.

  • What is Electrolysis?
    • Electrolysis is the only form of FDA approved permanent hair removal. It is performed using a small probe, this probe is then inserted into each hair follicle to destroy the papilla where the hair grows.
  • How long does Electrolysis take?
  • Usually the whole process is about 12-18 months. The time to completion can vary depending on a number of factors. In the beginning of treatment sessions can be as often as every week. Towards the end of treatment sessions can be spread months apart.


  • Is Electrolysis painful?
    • No, the feeling may be slightly uncomfortable but we would not describe it as painful. The machine used to perform electrolysis is a top of the line machine made for maximum results and comfortable treatment to the client.
  • Is Electrolysis better than Laser hair removal treatments?
    • As mentioned above, Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Laser treatment is considered a hair reduction. Electrolysis is best when permanent results are desired, it can be done on ANY hair color or skin type. Electrolysis is better for small areas of the body (lip, chin, face, underarm, bikini line, etc.) whereas Laser would be better for large areas of the body (legs and back). Electrolysis can also be used after Laser treatments if there are some hairs that just will not go away!